How Can Journaling Make You a More Positive Person?

What are the benefits of journaling on one’s happiness and mental health? First, we need to understand what the root word, jour, in both journal and journey means. Jour comes from the Old French jor,  or jorn, and from the Latin diurnum or diēs which all translate to day. According to, the definition of Jour, is  1. Day.  2. Daylight, light. 3. Opening, aperture. In other words, when

Progression of a child, a heartfelt story…

​This past summer I helped an incoming 5th grade child with reading comprehension. Within three weeks he went from reading at a 3rd grade level with an average grade of 36% to reading 5th grade level at 82%. That was an accomplishment to say the least. I was then asked by the mother to shadow