“We teach best what we most need to learn” ~ Richard Bach

Years ago, as I was getting certified in the Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning for Children with Dyslexia at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College (in addition to my certification in Orton-Gillingham), I came across a graphic called Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale. It examines the best way a student can retain the information learned. We tend to

Imagine if you were at the Oscars…

Imagine you were at the Pre-Oscars Red Carpet event…  People are coming and going. There are cameras flashing, people shouting, and fans taking selfies. There are famous celebrities, cameramen, stage production hands, directors, producers, musicians, artist and journalists all getting ready for the big show.  And the clothes! There are magnificent gowns, one better than

Awareness is the First Step to Healing

The way a baby learns about the world around her is by observing. She learns how to get mom’s attention. She learns that a smile is friendly. She learns dropping food from her high chair creates a repetitive action. She learns that if she crawls she can get from one place to another. She learns