Why do you Procrastinate and How to Beat it!

Procrastination is a learned condition and it is a way we tend to self-sabotage our success. A. Reasons We Procrastinate:  Anxiety due to fear of failure or fear of success. This negative self talk prevents people from taking action. Anxiety due to the inability to make decisions. By procrastination, someone else might make the decision

How Can Journaling Make You a More Positive Person?

What are the benefits of journaling on one’s happiness and mental health? First, we need to understand what the root word, jour, in both journal and journey means. Jour comes from the Old French jor,  or jorn, and from the Latin diurnum or diēs which all translate to day. According to wiktionary.org, the definition of Jour, is  1. Day.  2. Daylight, light. 3. Opening, aperture. In other words, when

Imagine if you were at the Oscars…

Imagine you were at the Pre-Oscars Red Carpet event…  People are coming and going. There are cameras flashing, people shouting, and fans taking selfies. There are famous celebrities, cameramen, stage production hands, directors, producers, musicians, artist and journalists all getting ready for the big show.  And the clothes! There are magnificent gowns, one better than