Spring Has Officially Sprung!

Spring symbolizes birth, renewal and growth.  Those seeds/thoughts that have been planted, embedded and nurtured during the winter months are beginning to break ground. As plants are beginning to bud and as a baby’s head begins to crown, so do our thoughts begin to become more visual. The plants begin to grow towards the sunlight

Awareness is the First Step to Healing

The way a baby learns about the world around her is by observing. She learns how to get mom’s attention. She learns that a smile is friendly. She learns dropping food from her high chair creates a repetitive action. She learns that if she crawls she can get from one place to another. She learns

Look for Symbols

I am convinced that yellow flowers are the symbols my parents send from heaven to remind me to be strong…even during the darkest of times.. Many years ago, I was quite depressed and went to the cemetery to visit my parents’ grave. The sky was gray and was the perfect setting for visiting my deceased parents, especially