Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s Woman’s Health Day

Did you miss my talk at the Shaare Zedek Women’s Health Day?
No worries…I will fill you in…




First, I was very blessed to be asked to speak at this amazing organization’s annual luncheon event.  Every year, doctors from different health genres offer their expertise to the approximate 350 women who attend. Every year they also offer an “alternative” expert to share her/his expertise. When I was first asked a year ago to speak, I responded “yes” without thought. As the day came closer, I learned there were almost 200 women who signed up to hear me speak. I knew many of these women…from schools, from summer camps, from the neighborhood and through my children. This was not only the first time I was going to address to so many women I know but, to my husband and daughters who came to support me, too. Here I was, talking about facing your fears while at the moment, I asked the audience to help me face mine while I spoke to this large and familiar crowd.


Second, in case you missed it, here is an overview of my talk, “The Art of Moving Forward: How to face your fears and achieve your goals.”



Question: Why do we need to change/transform?
Answer: One of the characteristics that all living organisms must have is “adaptation.” Without it, that living organism can die…either physically or emotionally. We must learn to adapt to our environment as it changes. We must evolve. We must change to survive.


Question: How do we create change?
Answer: There are 4 steps to create change:


(Contact me at for the exercises I provided the audience.)


As the old adage says, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Truth be told, if you are not willing to delve into your subconscious because you are afraid of opening “Pandora’s Box,” then you are not willing to make a change. You can stop reading now…however, remember the acronym for F.E.A.R. is False Expectations Appearing Real. Fear is just the stories we tell ourselves…they are not actually real.


What does it mean to be aware? It means to bring light to the consciousness. It means to be mindful. It means to be present. It means to focus on all of your senses; to bring up a memory and become aware of your thoughts, emotions and your physical being all at the same time. I use art and writing to bring up those memories because art makes our thoughts and emotions more perceptible. It brings the subconscious to the conscious. (No art experience nor talent necessary.)


Why is the body-mind connection so important? We hold our stories, fears and emotions somewhere in our body. The pain you feel, or the fear you have, is stored in your body. For instance, if your back hurts, you might need to ask for support. If your shoulders hurt, you might be carrying a burden. If your belly hurts, you might need to nurture yourself. If your head hurts, you might need to communicate better. Of course, this is determined by the individual. One bright client of mine has a fear of sharing her knowledge, especially public speaking. In her drawing, she remembers speaking in front of the classroom as a child. The other kids mocked her exclaiming, “show-off!” In her drawing she is standing in front of the class and the bottom of the blackboard crosses through her throat. For those who understand chakras, we learn from this that her throat chakra is blocked…she lacks the ability to communicate. (If you don’t understand chakras, please join me during my chakra 101 classes…Subscribe to my newsletters to know when I am giving them.)




(Contact me at for the exercises I provided the audience.)


Think of any structure. I guarantee you that if the foundation isn’t solid, the structure will not be stable. If your negative thought was your foundation, your negative thought threw you off balance. How are these negative thoughts indoctrinated? Imagine you have a chunk of Playdoh in your hand. Now roll it into a ball. Imagine it is your brain. Take the eraser of a pencil and call it your negative thought. Each time you repeat your negative thought, stab the Playdoh with the back of the pencil over and over again until you see how deeply embedded that thought is into you “brain.” The only way to bring that negative thought forward is to create an opposite positive thought.

Change your thoughts and change your life…


Reaching your goals is like a GPS…Once you put in your destination and the time of destination, you need to put your car in drive. Once you’re in drive, you need to take a turn to the right then a turn to the left. You can’t get to your destination in one straight line. Sometimes, there is an obstruction in the road and so you ignore your GPS and turn onto another road. No need to worry, your GPS will help redirect you till you reach your destination.


Our goals work the same way. You need to write down your goals with a deadline in mind. This is your intention that you cry out to the universe…your GPS! Now, put yourself into drive…take that first step towards your goals. Like the twists and turns in your GPS road map, break down your goals into small doable steps and include a deadline at each turn. Was there an obstruction in your road? That negative talk that keeps you from reaching your next goal? Use cognitive restructuring to bulldoze your way through that negative thought and remember, you are in the driver’s seat and nothing should get in your way.


Many times we have goals in mind but we become overwhelmed and we don’t know where to start. When choosing a goal, no matter how big or small, keep one thing in mind..the goals must be S.M.A.R.T.:




Growth and change can only happen when we put ourselves outside our comfort zone.
Turn your F.E.A.R. into Face Everything And Rise


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