Book Collaboration for Children of Holocaust Survivors


Our experiences shape our stories. The things that happen to us and how we deal with them make us who we are. Telling our stories, sharing those experiences through the written word allows us to not only make sense of them ourselves, but it helps those who read our story makes sense of their own lives. Our stories become their stories and remind us that we aren’t alone.


Anthologies are an important part of storytelling. Joining together with others who have their own story to share, not only provides community to the authors contributing to the book, but it creates a collection of stories that can reach out and touch readers. When people come together to share their stories, the flame that ignites can illuminate the whole world.


I am putting together a book specifically for Children of Holocaust Survivors and their stories. Since there is suffering from Intergenerational PTSD, this could be a book that can inspire others who are still stuck in their lives. I want to offer a place for children of survivors to share their stories of how they overcame growing up with their parents.


As a contributor, you will:


~ Write an 1800-2200 word story and share your message with the world!
~ Communicate directly with an editing team to bring your story to life
~ Be listed on the cover (or interior page) as a contributor
~ Be invited to attend 2 group Writing Trainings via Live Video
~ Receive a Marketing Checklist prepared by expert book marketers
~ Be invited to be interviewed on Authentic Messengers Radio
~ Communicate and collaborate with other contributors in a Private Facebook group
~ Have YOUR STORY shared by all Contributing Authors – Using the POWER of MANY to get the book to readers
~ Purchase books at WHOLESALE pricing
~ BONUS: A one on one session with Susan and 4 group Mastermind calls


If you are interested in becoming a contributor;

STEP 1:  Submit your deposit of $100 (Click here to submit deposit)
STEP 2:  Complete the application below
STEP 3:  Start writing!



* Only 22 stories will be accepted.
* Applications will be dated as they are are received and selected on a first-come basis.
* You will have approximately 30 days from the filling of this book to submit your story for editing.


Your TOTAL Investment $697

$100 is due prior to submitting  your application. Once your story has been accepted and the required number of stories have been secured to begin the publishing process, you will be contacted to make arrangements to pay the balance of $597. Full payment must be made prior to submission for editing. Payment arrangements can be made upon request.


In the event that your story is not accepted, you will be contacted and issued a full refund of your $100 deposit. You may withdraw your story and receive a full refund up to the date of acceptance. No refunds will be issued after this time.  You will have access to all bonuses following your full payment.


Please contact me if you have questions regarding payment.