My mother lost her 2.5 year battle with breast cancer in 1993. She was 53 years old. I was 29 and had an amazingly supportive husband, and three children under the age of five. I had my first mammogram at age 28. Was it early? Of course – but my mother taught me to be proactive and

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Years ago, as I was getting certified in the Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning for Children with Dyslexia at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College (in addition to my certification in Orton-Gillingham), I came across a graphic called Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale. It examines the best way a student can retain the information learned. We tend to

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Why do you Procrastinate and How to Beat it!

Posted on December 19, 2016
Category : December 2016

Procrastination is a learned condition and it is a way we tend to self-sabotage our success. A. Reasons We Procrastinate:  Anxiety due to fear of failure or fear of success. This negative self talk prevents people from taking action. Anxiety due to the inability to make decisions. By procrastination, someone else might make the decision

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