Imagine if you were at the Oscars…

Imagine you were at the Pre-Oscars Red Carpet event… 
People are coming and going.
There are cameras flashing, people shouting, and fans taking selfies.
There are famous celebrities, cameramen, stage production hands, directors, producers, musicians, artist and journalists all getting ready for the big show. 
And the clothes! There are magnificent gowns, one better than the next.
Then there are “What was she thinking?” gowns. 
There is so much going on!
We want to take everything in!
Then somehow we get into sensory overload and it makes it difficult to process anything and enjoy the moment. 

Many years ago I studied photography and found that taking a photograph was a way to zoom in, capture a moment, and become aware of things in my photos that I would have not captured with the naked eye. I used my camera to separate myself from the events around me, to be present, not judge and feel. Taking a photograph is similar to being the “I” in my storm, to observe, and not judge (See blog: Awareness is the First Step to Healing, 2/21/15)

I found an old photograph I had taken many years ago at an outdoor party. I took a photo from my hotel window to get a bird’s eye view. As people danced in concentric circles, their movement created blurry, fiery rings. While the photographer stood still to take photos, he himself is most clear in this photograph. As in this image, and in a storm, too much movement and chaos in our lives can cause us to lose focus, get absorbed or trapped into things we really never wanted to get into and even feelings of confusion can come of it. We need to learn that stillness, being present, being the “I” in our storm, observing without judgement, creates the most clarity. 

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