Awareness is the First Step to Healing

The way a baby learns about the world around her is by observing. She learns how to get mom’s attention. She learns that a smile is friendly. She learns dropping food from her high chair creates a repetitive action. She learns that if she crawls she can get from one place to another. She learns what she is allowed to do and what she is not allowed to do. In other words, she takes a risk, she pushes the limit to see how far she can get before an adult sets the limit with a big, fat “NO.” She is quite aware of her surroundings and her place in the world. 

Then something happens…we become immune to our surroundings. We tend to ignore the warning signs. Like sponges, we absorb the stress, anxiety, and chaos that surround us. We get caught up in every day nonsense. We worry about the future and we get sadly nostalgic about the past. What we don’t do is take a moment to be quiet, observe our surroundings without judgement, and be very present. 

The eye of the storm is the calmest place to be. 
Can you become the “I”in your storm?
Try to take five minutes in your day to sit still and ignore all distractions. 


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